St.Peter Line gives veterans a free cruise to Finland

In May holidays, blockade and veterans of the Great Patriotic War can make a free sea cruise from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. This action is carried out by the St.Peter Line company, a passenger ferry operator Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia, which perform regular flights to the capitals of the Baltic region.

New car ferries for Sevastopol

On Wednesday, April 18, the first ferry from Norway arrived from Sevastopol, from two acquired for work on the ferry line between the Artillery Bay and the North Side. The second car-passenger ferry is still on the road.

Water transport of Ukraine received a provision on the working time of the crew

The Ministry of Water Transport of Ukraine on April 5, 2012 approved the Regulations on Working Time and Rest Time for the Floating Staff (Crews) of the Ukrainian Sea and River Transport.

Company Oman Shipping Company transferred to the tanker IZKI

The Oman Shipping Company yesterday, March 19, 2012 was transferred to another giant vessel called IZKI.

New marine engine MaK M46DF dual-fuel type

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems recently unveiled its next model of the MaK M46DF serial engine for commercial vessels.

Basketball on the deck of an aircraft carrier

This is not a photomontage. The photo really ends up assembling a magnificent basketball court, which holds about 7,000 basketball fans, on the flight deck of the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

Prospects of sea cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route

In 2011, sea cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route, the shipping line between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean along the Russian coast of the Arctic Ocean, can reach 3 million tons, which will be a record cargo turnover since the late 1980s.

Company Odyssey Marine has found the second sunken ship with silver

That's luck! American treasure hunters found in less than a month two shipwrecks full of silver.

Gato-class submarine

In the Gato class, the U.S. Navy had found a fully capable boat with the characteristics necessary to fight a war in the Pacific. In the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, it was obvious that the only way to halt the rapid expansion of Japanese conquests would be with an unconventional strategy, and to their credit, Admirals King and Nimitz came up with exactly the right approach. They devised a dual strategy — containment around the edges and strikes deep into the heart of the Japanese Empire. The resources available were a small and terribly vulnerable force of aircraft carriers and three-dozen fleet submarines plus the nine old V-boats and a few more obsolescent S-class boats.

The survey vessel Pisces

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship Pisces is the third of four new fisheries survey ships to be built by NOAA, representing a significant achievement in NOAA efforts to modernize its fleet of fisheries, oceanographic and hydrographic survey ships.

At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean found treasures

It is believed that the times of treasure hunters are a thing of the past, but it is not. Recently, a treasure of tens of tons of silver was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the largest treasure trove of precious metal of all time.

The corvette Korsar

The corvette project 11541 Korsar patrol ship is designed to search for, to track and to engage surface, underwater and air targets, as well as to perform escort and patrol tasks. The corvette can carry out a wide class of missions, operating autonomously and within a tactical task force in sea and oceanic areas.

Incident with steamboat Sultana

The steamboat Sultana was a Mississippi River paddle wheeler destroyed in an explosion on 27 April 1865. This resulted in the greatest maritime disaster in United States history.

Germany and France plan to create a European shipbuilding Alliance

German and French governments this fall will begin to discuss the issue of establishing a European shipbuilding alliance. The organization will be formed as a result of the merger of two large industrial shipbuilding companies, the German ThyssenKrupp AG and the French DCNS.

The Kiev sea began the first races racing boats, Formula 1 H2O

In the town of Vyshgorod, Kiev region began a stage «Formulas-1 H2O». The championship will last 3 days until July 31.

Grand yacht show in Monaco

From 21 to 24 September 2011 will be the biggest event in the world of yachting in Monaco during the annual yacht show will gather a few hundred yachts of various sizes.

The cargo and passenger transportation between the ports of Odessa and Istanbul was resumed

Between the Black Sea seaports of Odessa and Istanbul, freight-and-passenger transportation has been resumed. Several years ago this shipping line was serviced by the ferryboats of the UKRFERRY company, but now this function on the Black Sea will be performed by the ship Princessa Elena, which carries out sea voyages under the flag of Sierra Leone.

Ukraine will host the Grand Prix world championship on races on motor boats in the Formula-1 H2O class

In Ukraine, from July 30 to July 31, the Grand Prix of the World Championship in motorboat racing in the Formula-1 H2O class will take place. Competitions will be held at the «Kiev Sea» near Vyshgorod (Kiev region). In competitions on the water will take part racers from twelve countries, and the broadcast will be carried out in 100 states.

Frigate of the Turkish Navy TCG Yavuz

The ‘Yavuz’ cruiser is the first ship named after the Ottoman Sultan, Yavuz Selim. The German Navy ordered the ship to ‘Blohm&Voss shipyard’ and keel laid down in August 1909 and launched on 28 March 1911 as SMS Goeben. She served in Germen Imperial Navy until August 1914.

Romania and Turkey will soon launch a new ferry line

On 11 March, the Romanian seaport of Constanta and the Turkish port of Pendik signed a cooperation agreement in Bucharest, which provides for the launch of a new cargo and passenger ferry line between the two countries. This agreement will have a big advantage for both states — Turkish ports will become the main point of departure of Romanian goods in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

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