The wind energy sector contributes to the emergence of new types of vessels

The development of offshore wind energy has led to the emergence of entirely new types of vessels: self-elevating vessels or vessels for servicing and constructing offshore installations. However, Dutch shipbuilders decided to combine several functions on one platform, creating another class of vessels.

The hull of the courts is cleaned by a robot

Fleet Cleaner ROVs have been developed to assist in various maritime activities, including oil spill response operations. They are designed to clean the hulls of ships and other vessels, removing marine organisms such as barnacles and algae that can accumulate over time. By maintaining clean hulls, these systems help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Android operating system in the service of the US Navy

American warships will soon be equipped with a standard 4G connection.

The newest propeller of high performance

The world-famous Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corporation in November this year presented its unique development — the newest propeller, which allows to significantly increase the productivity.

New marine engine MaK M46DF dual-fuel type

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems recently unveiled its next model of the MaK M46DF serial engine for commercial vessels.

Modern underwater vehicles

The ocean is the largest and most alien habitat, there lies enormous power and overwhelming pressure. Until recently, mankind was denied access to this part of the planet. Studies of the underwater world have become possible due to modern underwater vehicles.