New marine engine MaK M46DF dual-fuel type

New marine engine MaK M46DF dual-fuel type

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems recently unveiled its next model of the MaK M46DF serial engine for commercial vessels.

Particular interest in the marine engine of the M46DF type makes it possible to use it. The plant is capable of operating on two types of fuel: liquefied natural gas (LNG) and marine diesel fuel or fuel oil. The M46DF marine engine boasts a good performance on a single 900 kW cylinder at 514 rpm using LNG and 500 rpm using fuel oil.

Currently, a new marine engine is being tested by representatives of Caterpillar Marine Power Systems at medium speed in Rostock, Germany, where from 2014 will be sold through the dealer network of the company Caterpillar.

The ability to alternate the use of different types of fuel during the operation of the M46DF marine engine makes it flexible enough to operate marine vessels while maintaining high reliability in virtually all geographic areas. The M46DF marine engine was designed to upgrade the M43C marine engine. These power plants have the same characteristics using an identical interface.

The new marine engine has optimal performance, both under load and under stable operating conditions.In addition, this marine engine has numerous maintenance functions, such as remote diagnostics of propulsion systems, which helps operators to analyze during daily maintenance or repair work. The M46DF marine engine with a piston diameter of 460 mm and a piston stroke of 610 mm was designed to produce electrical energy directed to propulsion systems or other life support systems of the vessel. Although the power plant is designed for repeated use of liquefied natural gas, marine diesel fuel or fuel oil, nevertheless, operation under the so-called gas regime has a high efficiency, and it conforms to the IMO III rules and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

When creating the M46DF ship engine, the company's designers remained true to the basic principles of marine engines — reliability, safety, efficiency and maintainability. Caterpillar Marine Power Systems, headquartered in Hamburg, is a subsidiary of Caterpillar, which leads its marketing and service activities, providing the shipbuilding market with marine generating sets from 93 to 16,000 kW. The network of dealer centers is more than 2,000 offices around the world, which are united by one goal — to support owners of commercial and departmental ships and vessels regardless of location.

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