Company Odyssey Marine has found the second sunken ship with silver

Company Odyssey Marine has found the second sunken ship with silver

That's luck! American treasure hunters found in less than a month two shipwrecks full of silver.

The world heard about the first discovery at the end of September. The company «Odyssey Marine» has found a flooded British dry cargo ship «Gairsoppa» with 200 tons of silver on board.

And this week the treasure hunters managed to discover a new find, and again the British one. This time the ship of treasures was the ship «Mantola» with 20 tons of precious metal, which sank in the First World War. The steamship with a displacement of 8,246 tons went to its last sea voyage on February 4, 1917, and took a course from London to Calcutta, India.

The cargo vessel was serviced by 165 crew members, except for which there were 18 passengers on board. The captain of the ship was David James Chivas, second cousin of the founder of the famous brand of Scotch whiskey.

After five days of sea navigation, the dry cargo ship was attacked by a torpedo of a German submarine. The team managed to leave the ship until it disappeared under the water near the Irish coast, where the steamer lies and now at a depth of more than 2.5 km. By the way, the previously found British steamer «Gairsoppa» is «Mantola» just 100 miles away.

The company «Odyssey Marine» plans to raise both ships in the spring of next year. If successful, its representatives will receive 80 percent of the total value of the treasure. According to current estimates, the silver of the steamer «Gairsoppa» will be estimated at $ 200 million, and the silver of the ship «Mantola» — $ 20 million.

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