High-speed boat from the Lancia company

High-speed boat from the Lancia company

The Italian car manufacturer Lancia introduced its first speedboat. Over the creation of a sea vessel called Lancia di Lancia, the car company cooperated with the Sacs shipyard and the renowned yacht designer Christian Grande.

The motor boat hull is made of fiberglass, the length is 13.1 m, and the gross weight is 8.5 tons. A fast ship can carry up to 11 people.

Lines and processing of external surfaces, according to the plan of the developers, should reflect the style of the company's cars. Designer Grande tried to give the boat an aggressive, but balanced profile and ideal proportions. Side windows turned out very expressive, and the rear window reminds classic cars. A high-speed vessel is equipped with a folding roof, which can be hidden in a special compartment, by simply pressing a button. Despite the low sports silhouette of the boat, in the cabin you can stand in full growth. Swiftness adds graphics from the Martini Racing firm — producer of a light alcoholic beverage is a long-time partner of the Lancia company in car racing and glider competition.

In the bow and stern of the boat there are two convenient folding chairs. The lights of the boat are made on the basis of light-emitting diodes, which emphasize the advanced technologies and sporty temperament of the engines of Fiat Powertrain Technologies. No perimeter railings. Passengers are protected by high sides, and a sense of stability creates a lower, in comparison with other boats, deck.

In the cabin of the Lancia di Lancia boat folding LCD TV and modern furniture. Soft, comfortable sofa with a light hand movement can be turned into a double bed. There is also a kitchen and a small bath. The shower is highlighted with colored LEDs all for the sake of creating a romantic mood.

The boat is driven by two diesel engines with turbines from the Fiat Powertrain Technologies company with a total capacity of 1120 hp. This power plant can disperse the Lancia boat to 55 knots. The figure, perhaps, is ridiculous for the land surface, but very serious for the aquatic environment. The cruising speed is 45 knots. In this case, the boat, according to the developers, is fairly simple to manage. Two buttons on the fuel lever can adjust the position of the screws in the water lower or higher. This changes the angle of the hull of the vessel relative to the surface of the water, increasing speed and stability. And thanks to a fuel tank with a capacity of 1,000 liters, you can arrange long sea or river walks.

Officially the boat was presented at the film festival in Venice, where it was accompanied by guests of honor.

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