Passenger liner Eurodam the pride of the company Holland America Line

Passenger liner Eurodam the pride of the company Holland America Line

The newest passenger liner Eurodam, owned by the world famous cruise company Holland America Line, a division of the Carnival corporation founded in 1873, went on its first sea cruise.

The liner route runs across the Atlantic to Canada. Until next spring, Eurodam has to make several cruises along the Atlantic coast of North America, as well as the islands of the Caribbean Sea. And in April 2009 the liner will go on the first sea voyage across the Baltic.

The ship started its life from launch in June 2008. The liner became the first vessel of the class Signature and marked its appearance by an extensive tour of the countries of Europe. The cruise ship Eurodam was built on the Italian shipyard Fincantieri and refers to the type of vessels Panamax. He opened a new evolution of passenger ships, and its value was $450 million. At present, construction of a second one-type vessel worth $563 million is underway, which will be launched in 2010.

Considering that the waters of the world's oceans are plowed by far more spacious passenger ships,The Dutch company relied on the services of tourists and the organization of their leisure on board. The chief designer Nancy Burfiend from Seattle and the founder of the company NB Design Group emphasized originality in the creation of each cabin, because none of the cabins is similar to the previous one. They can really relax and even look younger. The cabins and apartments on the cruise liner Eurodam are executed with inspiration and desire. Its rooms have a soothing interior, using an unobtrusive color scheme. Simply and at the same time elegantly executed designs of rooms decorated with rich tones of wood and precious metals, Coal-colored armchairs and carpeting with patterns of blue and orange. Corridors are decorated in a modern style.

Interior of the cruise liner Eurodam

Explorers LoungeExplorers Lounge


Culinary Arts CenterCulinary Arts Center

Fitness CenterFitness Center

Greenhouse Spa SalonGreenhouse Spa Salon

Greenhouse Spa Salon Hydrotherapy PoolGreenhouse Spa Salon Hydrotherapy Pool

Lido RestaurantLido Restaurant

Merabella Luxury ShopMerabella Luxury Shop

Piano BarPiano Bar

Pinnacle GrillPinnacle Grill

The RetreatThe Retreat

The ShowroomThe Showroom

Cabin with balconyCabin with balcony


Luxury apartmentsLuxury apartments

On the eleven decks of the cruise liner there are 1052 comfortable cabins, 684 of them with balconies. The rooms have special beds, which will not allow passengers to feel the pitching, and hence help many cope with seasickness. Almost in all cabins there are baths for carrying out various medical procedures.

In addition to traditional gyms, cinemas, discos and casinos, on board the cruise liner offers a huge selection of bars and restaurants, where a well-thought-out menu able to satisfy the desires of the most demanding passengers. In the center of culinary art, represented by the world's best culinary magazines Food and Wine Magazine, they prepare their first-class dishes specially invited by the best chefs from different countries, and they also hold demonstration lessons in culinary craftsmanship. The entire cooking process takes place in a common hall, designed for 50 guests. For greater visibility, the actions of the chefs are broadcast on large plasma panels.

Elegant luxury jewelry stores and a new chic bar will be happy for their guests, who got to the Atrium — the main hall of the ocean liner.

In a cafe Explorations, guests can enjoy an amazing aroma of coffee, simultaneously on the Internet or listen to their favorite music.

The passenger vessel Eurodam has several features that have already become traditional for the liners of the company Holland America Line, these are glass lifts, a grill bar on the upper deck. On board the ship there are a lot of Spa-salons, swimming pools, a huge gym, the largest in the company, and many other entertaining places for any category of people.

There is one more feature of the new liner — a separate deck for teenagers. To parents do not pester them with their remarks, children can splash themselves in the pool, walk on non-alcoholic bars and spend hours in gaming halls.

The cost of a 10-day cruise on the Baltic Sea will cost tourists $2,474 per person. Travel of the same duration from Canada to the USA, to the shores of New England, costs $1,627. Week cruise on the islands of the Caribbean Sea — $675.

Passenger liner Eurodam has the latest equipment in navigation and security systems, including a dynamic positioning system that can bring the ship with amazing accuracy to the desired point. The ship has two Azipod type propulsors and six diesel generators, providing the necessary capacity of all the users of the liner.

Appearance of the liner Eurodam

View of apartments with balconiesView of apartments with balconies

Pool on the upper deckPool on the upper deck

Eurodam liner on the Grand Turk IslandEurodam liner on the Grand Turk Island

Eurodam liner in Puerto RicoEurodam liner in Puerto Rico

Technical data of the passenger liner Eurodam:

  • Length — 284 m
  • Width — 32.2 m
  • Displacement — 86,700 tonnes
  • Ship propulsion system — diesel
  • Speed is 23.9 knots
  • Number of passengers — 2,104 people
  • The crew is 929 people
  • The number of cabins for passengers is 1,052.
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