Company Oman Shipping Company transferred to the tanker IZKI

8 years ago
Company Oman Shipping Company transferred to the tanker IZKI

The Oman Shipping Company yesterday, March 19, 2012 was transferred to another giant vessel called IZKI.

A large tanker of the VLCC type was built at the South Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering in the city of Okpo. The sea vessel is designed and built in accordance with the latest international standards and has a number of advanced technologies for ballast water treatment in accordance with the convention on environmental protection. The supertanker has a deadweight of 317,000 tons, a body length of 333 meters, a width of 60 meters and a draft of 21 meters. Tanker IZKI is chartered subsidiary, International Tanker Management (ITM), Dubai V Ships. The cargo ship will carry out sea transportation along routes on which 13 tankers are already operating.

The commercial activities of the OSC navigation company began in 2003. To date, its assets have 34 vessels of various types, and another seven vessels have been ordered, which will be delivered before the end of 2014. Thus, the total deadweight of vessels in service of the shipping company is 5.3 million tons, and will grow to 8 million, after the completion of all contracts by shipbuilders.

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