Water taxi of different countries

Water taxi of different countries

It so happened that residents of many cities and megacities share distances and water obstacles, which they overcome, including, on various types of water transport. In many countries, there are cities that are washed by the seas, oceans or through which rivers flow. And man created, so-called water taxi for quick movement and enjoyment.

Venice is the most «water» city in the world

The most popular country in the world, in this part was Italy, or rather, Venice. It is located on the water. There you will not see cars and buses. Here they move by foot or by water.

In the role of public transport are great boats — «vaporetto». They are also called water buses. Each has its own specific route.

In private hands — small boats with a motor (tragetto) and classic black gondolas, river walks which cost 70 euro per hour.

Water taxi in VeniceWater taxi in Venice

Water taxi in Amsterdam

Another state on the water was the Netherlands. In this country, thanks to the developed concept of «public transport on water» (the goal of «openbaar vervoer te water»), a water taxi has reached a large scale.Transportation of passengers has turned into a huge competitive transport network aimed at improving the quality of services. More than seven channels cut through the capital of the Netherlands, whose age is estimated from the XV century. Water taxi represent various types of vehicles, with the help of which you can not only get to the right place, but also to see the sights of the city. Hire transport can be directly on the waterfront. The trip for an hour will cost 150 guilders.

Water taxi in AmsterdamWater taxi in Amsterdam

Water taxi in Rotterdam

An unusual water taxi appeared recently in Rotterdam. It was called «Amphibious».The name speaks for itself.

Water taxi in RotterdamWater taxi in Rotterdam

Water taxi in London

Equally popular is water transport in the UK. This is already an advantage of travel agencies, but public transport still exists. Some routes have a clear focus on tourists.

Passes for buses and metro do not apply to water taxis. The cost of travel on such a water transport varies from 1.5 to 8 pounds sterling.

Water taxi in Great BritainWater taxi in Great Britain

Water taxi in LondonWater taxi in London

Water taxi in the USA

Very great popularity takes a water taxi in the US cities. And this is not surprising — after all, US megacities are located on the shores of water. Probably, there is the oldest water taxi in the world. It is known in Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, and especially New York.There a lot of different types and sizes of boats and boats.

The most popular yellow taxi is a catamaran that offers all kinds of trips. And in New York City runs a taxi-ferry between bustling Manhattan and the sleeping area of Staten Island .

Water taxi in New York CityWater taxi in New York City

Water taxi in Berlin

More and more pay attention to the water taxi in Germany. The authorities of Berlin in due time have decided to unload city roads to solve a problem of congestion of highways. For this, along the river Spree, which flows through the center of the capital,they started a taxi-taxi. Residents of the city were enthusiastic about the innovation of the leadership. Water taxi became an accessible and convenient mode of transport. Routes lie in busy areas.

Water taxi in BerlinWater taxi in Berlin

Thailand's Water Taxi

In Thailand, a water taxi has been very popular for many centuries. In times of urban traffic jams, it is especially important. Numerous rivers and canals are filled with boats and boats called water routes.

They move quickly and maneuverably along the water, accommodate a large number of passengers and do not require serious mooring — people dexterously jump from side to side. But there are also high-speed vessels moving along the Chao Phraya River.

Thailand Water TaxiThailand Water Taxi

Taxi in the Bosporus Strait

With the development of infrastructure and the congestion of public transport in countries, more and more attention is paid to the water environment,Naturally, whoever she is. So the first water taxi in 2008 started its work in Istanbul, the city that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Such transportation can be ordered by phone, its cost is from 5 to 20 US dollars, depending on the distance. This allowed to some extent to solve the lack of transport for passengers.

Taxi in the Bosporus StraitTaxi in the Bosporus Strait

In the UAE

In Dubai, it is planned to introduce high-speed water transport, to solve the problem of congestion. He even came up with the name «abra». But while locals move on such boats. The first trip «abra» plans to commit in August 2009.It will move at a speed of 30 km / h and will take on board up to 11 passengers. Their place of work will be the coast of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Water taxi in the United Arab EmiratesWater taxi in the United Arab Emirates

Water taxi in St. Petersburg

The situation in the population of St. Petersburg is not bad,the city is going to spend several million Russian rubles for the development of river passenger transport. Now the project is developing with the routes of the «river trams» and, of course, the vehicle itself. In addition, a contest is held for the logo, slogan and design of water taxi stop stations.In 2009, it is planned to launch three routes.

Water taxi in St. PetersburgWater taxi in St. Petersburg

Route water taxi in Sevastopol

In Ukraine, or rather in Sevastopol, there has been a long-distance water taxi for a long time. Boats run between the city's districts divided by a bay, take on board about 250 passengers. They were built at the Illichivsk Shipyard in 1987. In a few minutes, a water taxi will take you to the other shore while allowing you to enjoy the fresh sea air and the sight of warships.

Route water taxi in SevastopolRoute water taxi in Sevastopol

Water taxi in Sydney

Water taxi in SydneyWater taxi in Sydney

Water taxi in Tokyo

Water taxi in TokyoWater taxi in Tokyo

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