Ukraine expands water traffic

Ukraine expands water traffic

Odessa region has established a water connection with the main partners of Ukraine in the Black Sea basin.

On October 15, 2014, the regular motor-freight ferry line Chernomorsk (Ukraine) — Constanta (Romania) — Batumi (Georgia) started its work. The creation of a new line is always an event for world shipping. And for Ukraine, now experiencing difficult times, both politically and economically, this innovation of the shipping company Ukrferry is of particular importance. On the one hand, this route will establish a direct car-ferry connection with the EU countries and the largest port on the Black Sea — Constanta. On the other hand, Ukraine's position in the international transport corridor of TRACECA will be strengthened. The new ferry line will allow auto carriers to avoid transit through Transnistria and Moldova, as well as difficulties in the movement of cargo vehicles along the almost absent Odessa-Reni motorway. Maybe, the opening of a new shipping route will lead to positive changes in the conditions of crossing foreign cargo and passengers across the Ukrainian border, which are still far from the civilized norms of the European Union.

The ferry line will be served by the ferry GREIFSWALD which can simultaneously transport 85 trucks with long range trailers and weekly depart on Wednesdays from the port of Chernomorsk. Automobile and railway passenger ferry Greifswald is a modern cargo-passenger vessel built in 1988 in Germany. It is under the classification supervision of the German Lloyd. Has the certificate of the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest vessel in the world in the class of automobile-railway passenger ferries.

The cargo vessel offers passengers a first-class service level compared to other vessels and modes of transport: a passenger complex for 150 passenger seats in luxury cabins, semi-luxes, 2- and 4-local cabins with all amenities, a restaurant with separate rooms for smokers and non-smokers, a bar, a lounge, a salon with video and satellite TV, a children's playroom.

High seaworthiness of the vessel and its significant dimensions (length 190 m, width 28 m) allow minimizing rolling even in storm conditions. Two cargo decks can simultaneously receive on board 50 universal rail cars and 50 heavy vehicles TIR.

Transit passengers are offered the possibility of transferring via Poti to Batumi, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Baku, (Armenia and Azerbaijan), and also to the ports of Turkey bordering with Georgia: Hopa, Trabzon. From Chernomorsk a convenient transfer to all cities of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe is possible. A detailed timetable for the ferries can be found on the official website of UKRFERRY.

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