Vehicles carrier Zenith Leader

Vehicles carrier Zenith Leader

Sea transport is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the world economy. Also we see how rapidly a large number of cars are produced by world brands Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes Bens, Mazda and others.

For the timely delivery of the car you liked to the customer from the manufacturer's factory, from recent times, use truck-carriers or auto transporters. This is the most profitable and fastest way to deliver an «iron friend» to the buyer. Of course, with time in all branches of technology is improving,that did not bypass the construction of trucks. I do not presume to say that a cargo ship named Zenith Leader, owned by the company Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line (N.Y.K. Line), is one of the newest and largest ships among other auto transporters, but its characteristics are impressive.

Technical data of the vessel Zenith Leader:

  • Displacement — 62,080 tons
  • Length — 199.9 m
  • Width — 32.2 m
  • Draft — 10 m
  • Ship power plant — Mitsubishi 8UEC60LS II diesel engine
  • Power — 21,134 hp
  • Speed is 20.1 knots
  • The cruising range is 19,700 miles
  • Crew — 25 people.

Vehicles сarrier Zenith LeaderVehicles сarrier Zenith Leader

The ship Zenith Leader was built on the Japanese shipyard Imabari Shipbuilding Industry Ltd on October 12, 2007. The organization of cargo spaces consists of seven decks. Usually, the cars are loaded and unloaded by their own motion through ramps. One is located in the middle part of the vessel with dimensions: length 20 meters, width 4.2 meters, and in the stern — length 35 meters, width 8 meters. This is the most effective way. For one flight the car is capable of delivering up to 6501 cars to the ports. On each of the decks produce a reliable fastening of cars. The loading and unloading works are provided by representatives of the manufacturer's factory or dealer-suppliers.

The underwater part of the hull has a sharpened shape, which makes it possible to reduce water resistance, and, accordingly, increase the speed of the vessel's movement. The introduction of the latest computer technologies has brought to perfection the management of all systems on the ship, this to some extent facilitated the work of the command staff, but the responsibility for safe transportation still lies with them.

Particular attention is paid to power and power installations of ships of this class. Reducing the cost of fuel with the introduction of new systems, allow the shipowner to reduce the total cost of shipping the goods to 10 percent — it also has a positive impact on the cost of the car, and in some cases, reducing emissions of harmful substances. So the company Toyota has acted, using to transport their products a unique cargo ship Auriga Leader of the company N.Y.K Line.

Zenith Leader on loadingZenith Leader on loading

In the hold of Zenith LeaderIn the hold of Zenith Leader

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