Basketball on the deck of an aircraft carrier

9 years ago
Basketball on the deck of an aircraft carrier

This is not a photomontage. The photo really ends up assembling a magnificent basketball court, which holds about 7,000 basketball fans, on the flight deck of the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

This event as you already managed to notice the exceptional, and is held for the first time in the framework of celebrating the Day of Veterans of the United States. The basketball match will be held November 11, 2011 at the port of San Diego, where the aircraft carrier is based, between the two university teams Spartans University of Michigan and Tar Heels University of North Carolina.

Expected, that about 3 million visitors will visit the sporting event, with US President Barack Obama and world basketball stars Magic Johnson and James Worcy playing for various basketball teams on board.

In addition to visiting the basketball match on board the aircraft carrier, guests will be shown fragments of the military service of US military sailors and pilots aboard the warship. In case of bad weather, another basketball court for 2,000 seats is built in the USS Carl Vinson aviation hangar.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is one of the eleven aircraft carriers of the Nimitz class and was introduced to the US Navy in 1982.

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