Ukrainian shipbuilders built an elite yacht

Ukrainian shipbuilders built an elite yacht

This mega-yacht built by Ukrainian shipbuilders at the Liman plant is able to decorate any port of the world.

Yacht Artpolars is unique for modern Ukrainian yacht building. Its length is 40 m; The ship has four decks, two main engines and three diesel generators.

Mega-yacht in size and reserves of bunker fuel will provide a cruising range of up to 6,000 miles at a speed of 8 knots. On it you can easily make a round-the-world trip.

On such a yacht it is not a shame to go into any foreign ports, as it can be attributed to prestigious vessels. Similar yachts in Ukraine are not built so much, but they are very popular in Europe.

The yacht Artpolars was laid at the shipyard Liman at the end of 2000, Due to insufficient financing, the construction was frozen. The ship's project was revived by a new customer — Mariner Overseas.

In Nikolaev, more than 10 companies are engaged in the construction of yachts. Most of them to some extent participated in the creation of the mega-yacht Artpolars. All the best forces of the Nikolayev shipbuilders were attracted for the construction of this remarkable yacht.

Before the launch, the yacht was consecrated by Metropolitan Nikolaevsky and Ochakovsky Pitirim. After the traditional breaking of a bottle of champagne on the side, the yacht Artpolars easily and smoothly slid into the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary. The participants of the ceremony wished the newborn a beautiful sailing yacht of happy swimming and seven feet under the keel.

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