Germany and France plan to create a European shipbuilding Alliance

9 years ago
Germany and France plan to create a European shipbuilding Alliance

German and French governments this fall will begin to discuss the issue of establishing a European shipbuilding alliance. The organization will be formed as a result of the merger of two large industrial shipbuilding companies, the German ThyssenKrupp AG and the French DCNS.

The idea of creating a single shipyard has been circulating in the political and business circles of Europe for several years already. In particular, this topic has already been discussed several times by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

After the merger, the new concern will become the largest industrial partnership project of the two countries, after the formation of the aerospace concern EADS.

The representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and have already contacted the head of the Industry Council ThyssenKrupp Gerhard addition and discussed the issue of the merger of the French and German shipbuilding assets.

DCNS is one of the leading companies of military shipbuilding in Europe. Headquarters The company's apartment, founded in 1631, is located in France. French government owns 73.98 percent of assets DCNS, and Thales Group international industrial group — 25 percent.

ThyssenKrupp AG is one of the largest industrial concerns in Germany. The organization is the largest producer of high-alloy steel in the world,as well as metalworking machines.

I would like to remind that the French shipbuilding company DCNS, which will take part in the creation of a large marine concern, will build two amphibious assault Mistral class for the needs of the Russian navy.

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