The most modern hospital ship

4 years ago
The most modern hospital ship

Disinterested people who are ready to help their knowledge or finances to other people are now very rare. All are solely engaged in their own concerns, aimed at increasing their well-being. And what about the children who do not have money, not even money for treatment, there is not even an elementary hospital in which they can seek medical help. Namely, the international charitable organization Mercy Ships is called upon to help those in need in the remote corners of our planet.

Established in 1978, Mercy Ships successfully develops its good business and today it has four hospital ships, in which medical volunteers provide free medical care to patients. Annually, more than 1,600 volunteers from 45 countries take part in the mission of mercy, including surgeons, dentists, nurses, medical instructors, teachers, cooks, engineers, agronomists who sacrifice their time and money to help people. The Committee has 16 branches in different countries and professionally works in more than 70 countries of the world, with special attention to the countries of Africa.

Usually, the institution operates former ocean liners and ferries that have been converted to hospital ships. But at last the charity organization had a chance to create an absolutely new vessel, which will be launched in 2017.

The contract for the construction of the most modern hospital ship Atlantic Mercy with a displacement of 37,000 tons was signed in 2009 between a charitable organization and Asian and European shipbuilding firms. This hospital ship is being built for the first time under a specially designed project. It will exceed its predecessor, African Mercy, both in size, and on the technical equipment. Based on 38 years of experience and the results of its achievements, the charity will deliver hope and healing on the new vessel due to a significant increase in human resources.

The hospital ship is being built at the Xingang Shipyard in Tianjin by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), led by Swedish and Finnish specialists from Stena RoRo and Deltamarin, respectively. The new vessel will be classified by the Lloyd's Register of Great Britain, and the port of registration will be Malta.

Launch of the ship on water is planned for 2017, with full commissioning in 2018. The original continent of the ship-hospital will be the African continent.

Atlantic Mercy hospital shipAtlantic Mercy hospital ship

Ship's Hospital

The hospital of the Atlantic Mercy vessel occupies most of the ship from deck 3 to deck 4. On an area of about 7,000 square meters, there are 6 operating rooms, intensive care units, a clinical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, pharmacies and emergency medical services. The hospital is designed for 154 beds. The entire preoperative and postoperative periods patients will be able to completely stay on board, and not ashore. On the ship there will also be medical laboratories for more effective analysis. The medical potential of the new hospital ship will be able to perform a wide range of operations, including maxillo-facial and neoplastic operations for removal of hematomas, plastic and orthopedic surgery, removal of cataracts and fistulas and much more.

On board the Atlantic Mercy hospital ship, in addition to well-equipped workplaces, there was also a place for a full-fledged rest of the medical staff of 600 people, not forgetting about the latest technologies for universal security.

The new Hospital shipThe new Hospital ship

Technical characteristics of hospital ship Atlantic Mercy: 

  • Displacement — 37,000 tonnes
  • Length — 174 m
  • The width is 28.6 m
  • Draft — 6.1 m
  • Number of decks — 11
  • Power plant — diesel-electric
  • Crew and medical personnel — 600 people
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