New details about the cruise liner Titanic 2

New details about the cruise liner Titanic 2

One of these days the Internet has flown by new details about creation of the newest cruise liner, the name of which is already known all over the world. Titanic 2 — this name will be in the exact copy of the passenger ship, which decided to build Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. Recently, he unveiled ship drawings at a press conference in Sydney.

Externally, the Titanic 2 will not be different from the legendary steamer. Is that lifeboats will be more. Passengers will be available and all the modern attributes of the sea cruise — air conditioning, and possibly the Internet. Although the billionaire is against it. In his opinion, during such a sea voyage you just need to rest. To do this, the liner will create all the conditions — luxury restaurants, lounges for smoking and casinos. However, all this is only for passengers of the 1st class. However, during a sea cruise it will be possible to try to live in cabins of any category. All passengers will be given suits from the beginning of the 20th century to better feel the spirit of the era.

The cruise liner will be marked «Made in CHINA». The construction of the ship will be carried out by the Chinese shipyard CSC Jinling Shipyard.

The head of the company Blue Star Line billionaire Clive Palmer argues that this will be the safest ship in the world: «Anything can drown if you make a hole in it. Therefore, talking about unsinkability is simply defiant. People have done so in the past, and then they have been sorry all their lives. I would not like that.»

In what amount will cost a copy of the legendary liner, the billionaire does not disclose. As well as the cost of tickets, but Palmer claims that there are already a lot of people ready to pay a million dollars for such a cruise.

After the appearance of information about the new Titanic, not all the descendants of the dead on the steamer consider this a good idea. So Pat Lacy, niece of the captain of the Titanic, Edward Smith, expressed her opinion: «This is complete stupidity and bad taste. Those who survived, all have already died, only their relatives or researchers of the catastrophe have remained. And it's worth it,probably, a lot of money — so it is not better to spend it on something useful.»

However, some believe that the new liner will honor the memory of the passengers of the Titanic. Helen Benziger, great-great-granddaughter Molly Brown, who survived the ship disaster: «I consider this a great respect for all who died and survived. Many people do not think about how,how hard it was for those who survived the crash, and they felt their guilt all my life, like my great-great-grandmother.»

The first flight of the Titanic 2 liner of Blue Star Line company is planned for 2016. According to plans, the ship will carry out regular sea cruises between the United Kingdom and the United States.

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