The three largest cruise liner in the world together

The three largest cruise liner in the world together

Last week there was an event, which was waiting for all lovers of marine news. On November 4, the largest cruise liner in the world Harmony of the Seas arrived to its home port Everglades.

Rendezvous of a gigantic ship off the coast of Florida, Royal Caribbean International decided to celebrate the meeting of all Oasis class liners — «Oasis of the Seas» debuted in 2009 and «Allure of the Seas» — in 2010. The cruise ship «Harmony of the Seas» set off on its first sea voyage in the spring of 2016 and has already won the hearts of many lovers of sea cruises. Huge cruise ships of the same type have greeted each other in the sea for the first time and, most likely, the only time in life.

The newest of the three «Harmony of the Seas» is officially considered the largest in the world, its displacement of 1,700 tons, and a length of 30 cm more than its predecessors. Port of Everglades, Florida is the port of registration of the new vessel.

All three liner in turn will perform seven-day cruises on the Caribbean all year round. It is also known that the fourth Oasis class cruise ship, which has not yet received the official name, is already being built at the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire and is scheduled to be launched in 2018.

And for a dessert, look at the video on the mutual gain: the Stolt Variante river tanker helped the truck get out of the marsh:

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