SV Royal Clipper - the biggest sailing ship in the world

SV Royal Clipper - the biggest sailing ship in the world

The name «SV Royal Clipper» is the biggest sailing ship in the world, which crosses the ocean in any weather. It reminds about glorious days of brilliant clippers. The owner of the cruise ship «SV Royal Clipper» is Michael Kraft.

The sailing ship was built in 2000. Its owner managed the work personally, because great sailing shipping attracted him since childhood. In port Gdansk (Poland) he saw steel body for training ship, but its’ construction was stopped, and Kraft bought it. Reequipment began.

The bulkheads were changed for making dwelling area. The stem was designed in a style of the ancient clipper. After alteration, the body was sent to Rotterdam, where the enormous joint masts with the possibility to pass under low bridges in some ports were installed. At that time under the deck the excellent designers and decorators worked with the best sorts of trees and canvas, collected from all the countries of Europe. They created the luxurious interior, which was never met on clipper ship. In 14 months training ship changed into splendid passenger liner. This is one more cruise ship with masts instead of pipes. The boyish dream became the reality.

Sailing ship with white sails SV Royal ClipperSailing ship with white sails SV Royal Clipper

Its first sail the cruise ship made from London to Monaco. Rising on board awakes special feelings among passengers. It costs $2500 for person per week to make a cruise. The ship has the best crew. Besides the crew includes several Russian sailors, since they have a great experience, got when preparing on the Baltic fleet sailing.

This cruise ship has some surprises, which previously they didn’t use in sailing shipping. There are — steel body, stainless steel rigging, teak decks and 60 meters’ height masts. There is spare engine at case if no winds. It allows moving without changing a schedule. For comfort voyage, there are systems of air-conditioning and desalinize on board. The system against tossing guarantees the amplitude of the fluctuations not below 11 degrees. The necessary amount of water is pumped in tanks on both boards with the help of pomp. The tailpipe is in two masts. Propellers are interesting too, they change the blades slopping angle up to zero degree level with the aim not to disturb the move.Creators exerted every effort to withstand seagoing winds and reconstruct the atmosphere of the victorious procession on the world of the quickest sailing naves. It overcomes 7,000 miles for 10 days during cruise voyages. 42 square-wave sails are located on five masts. They are full of the same wind, which was blowing up the sails of ship, which were delivering tea and spices from Far East countries to the cities of Europe and North America. These cruise ship were called «clippers» because they managed to come to port several days earlier than the other ones.

Luxury sailing shipLuxury sailing ship

The way of life stays unchangeable on board for hundred years: guard change, sails management and so on. The personnel puts and takes away the triangular staysails and two lower square-wave sails manually, when others on a big nave use hydraulic system, which is operated by one person and do not send sailors on masts. There is a novelty in sailing technology here — the sails on masts are wrapping around on special rods. There is a small hydraulic motor on each rod, it is joined to bar, which passes through the rod. This system allows rolling up and unwinding the sail without man’s help. It is very comfortable when the weather is changing and it does not take much time. The sailors work on mast, when it is necessary to untangle the sail or to conduct preventive operations. The ship has so many sails that you can cover 13 basketball fields.

Five-masted sailing ship in portFive-masted sailing ship in port

The cruise ship «Royal Clipper» can contend with cruise liner on its luxury. There are three pools on board. One of them has glass bottom, through which the built-in atrium is illuminated. Getting through three decks, it illuminates three levels of restaurants. The most expensive stateroom will cost $5000 a week. The interior in other staterooms not worse; there is verandah or balcony with a sea view. The personnel clean up premises very carefully. The managers check all the work.

During each new sailing Juergen Mueller-Cyran (the captain of ship «Royal Clipper») gives «Captain Supper». It is a row of exquisite dishes, but the main ones are «lobster juicy tails» or «Wellington beef». The dishes are created so the word «to cook» is not appropriately at all. The best musicians of Caribbean islands give a concerto on board during the supper. As the amusement for passengers they offer ship navigation, being at steering wheel; to enjoy the sea view, being on mast in place specially equipped. On cruise ship there is a platform in stern, which is opened for passengers who want to visit a beach, when cruise ship in a mile from coast or Sandy Island. They are provided by different water transport: pneumatic and motor boats, in combination with them you can be given «banana-boat” and water skiing. For water sports amateurs there are wind-surfing and diving. Having left on coast, on flat-bottomed motorboat, you can carry out a tasting of best roasted meat on the Caribbean Sea. It does not require the quay so it is possible to approach to any sandy coast.

Water activities aboard a cruise shipWater activities aboard a cruise ship

The cruise ship «SV Royal Clipper» has godmother — the Queen of Sweden Sylvia. She blessed her on ceremony dedicated to conferring the name in Monaco.

People has understood that not only the latest technologies can attract — also exists the romanticism of the sail. Under the sails, in silence, which is breaking by the hisses of the waves, it is possible to enjoy the starry sky and the moon — it is especial above the sea. The cruise ship «SV Royal Clipper» is a bold attempt to revive the glory of clippers which were vanished long ago; this is a real proof that age of sail is not disappeared yet.

The five-masts ship «SV Royal Clipper» general characteristics:

  • Tonnage — 5,061 tons
  • Length — 133 m
  • Beam — 16, 5 m
  • Masts — 5, sails — 42
  • Sails area — 17,680 m2
  • Main engines — two diesel engines type Caterpillar
  • Power — 22500 h.p.
  • Crew — 17 nodes
  • Passengers — 228 persons.
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