Sixteen-year-old Australian went around the world on a sailing yacht

11 years ago
Sixteen-year-old Australian went around the world on a sailing yacht

Australian schoolgirl Jessica Watson went on a solitary circumnavigation on a yacht, despite numerous warnings from relatives and authorities. The leadership of the state of Queensland recommended that Jessica refrain from traveling around the world, as in September 2009 during training her yacht collided with a transport ship. However, the warning girl does not pay attention.

Jessica Watson plans to independently carry out round-the-world voyage. On a sailing yacht there are absolutely new systems of navigation and communication. As the yachtsman says, they are much better than on some large ships.

The path of Jessica Watson will run through the Southern Hemisphere. First she will go to New Zealand, then she will round South America, and will return home after crossing on a sailing vessel of the Atlantic Ocean. In general, swimming will last 8 months. Probably, the achievement of the Australian will fall into the Guinness Book of Records. Meanwhile, the youngest participant in a single round-the-world voyage is the seventeen-year-old Briton Michael Perem.

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