Alone through the ocean

Alone through the ocean

On a boat across the Pacific Ocean. Such a record was established by a 28-year-old resident of the UK Sarah Outen.

Distance from Japan to Alaska brave Briton has overcome independently for 150 days, and became the first person in history, who managed one on one with the element to overcome the Pacific Ocean. On the embodiment of a bold design in the life of Sarah Outen took 5 months. Over the shoulders of the traveler — 7 thousand kilometers and a number of obstacles.During the sea voyage her boat was turned over five times. And the cargo ship somehow almost did not ram the tiny boat of the brave girl.

Then, in Canada, Sarah Outen had to change the route because of the bad weather,and thanks to a strong storm near the town of Adak on the Aleutian Islands, the shuttlecock of the record holder, a kilometer from the rocky shore, was taken in tow. In Alaska Britannica was met by about half of the 300 local residents.

Her record, the legendary record holder Sarah Oaten commented: «When I got to the ground, I realized that I was completely exhausted.The last few weeks have been rather complicated. My body looked like jelly. I rowed with all my strength. » «It's not just my trip. People who met on my way and offered to stay overnight, help me, or simply tell beautiful stories, they are all part of this journey. „The seven-meter oars of Sarah Outen with the optimistic name “Happy socks» allowed to set a world record on the second attempt. The first vehicle «Gulliver» in 2012 in a storm was wrecked.

The goal of conquering the world Sarah Outen has been captured for many years. In 2011, she overcame more than 17,7 thousand kilometers by kayak and bicycle across Europe, Asia and Japan. Thanks to the expeditions, the young Englishwoman tries to raise money for four charity projects.

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