At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean found treasures

At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean found treasures

It is believed that the times of treasure hunters are a thing of the past, but it is not. Recently, a treasure of tens of tons of silver was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the largest treasure trove of precious metal of all time.

About 240 tons of silver was found on the sunken ship, which in monetary terms is 230 million US dollars. Treasures were found on the English ship SS Gairsoppa, a length of 125 m, which sank in 1941. It was found by American researchers at Odyssey Marine, for which the company will receive 80 percent of the value of the treasure found. This is defined in the contract with the Ministry of Transport of the country.

A transport ship with precious treasure followed in an escort from India to the UK. When the coal reserves began to run out, the captain decided to go to the harbor of the Galway port for replenishment. Staying 300 miles from the Irish coast, the ship was discovered and torpedoed by a German submarine U101. Of the 85 crew members, only one survived.

Senior project manager of the company Odyssey Marine Andrew Craig said that the first phase of the work, which was to determine the place of the accident and the cause of the accident, is completed. The most interesting work on lifting the cargo will begin only in the second quarter of 2012. Now researchers are developing a plan for raising treasures.

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