Cruise liner Oasis of the Seas went out for sea trials

11 years ago
Cruise liner Oasis of the Seas went out for sea trials

Recently, on June 15, 2009, the world's largest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, commissioned by the Royal Caribbean International travel company, left the port of Turku, Finland for sea trials. Above the passenger ship circled an aerostat, which was to become a new attraction amidst the entertainment of a large liner, but he fell into the water. Most likely to such an «extreme» kind of entertainment will not return.

The trial tests of the newest cruise liner Oasis of the Seas were admired by the locals. The passenger ship will be still under construction until September 2009 — this is evident in the hull and superstructures, but despite this, the five-day tests were successful, shipbuilders and representatives of the cruise company were satisfied. The cruise liner Oasis of the Seas showed excellent results and meets all modern requirements.

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