The newest liner Britannia

The newest liner Britannia

In September 2013, at one of the press conferences with the participation of CEOs of P & O Cruises and Carnival Corporation & PLC, the name of the new cruise liner for the British company was announced.

The largest ever built for the British market of passenger ships, the Britannia liner received the most suitable name, as it reflects the long and legendary heritage of Britain. With the advent of the newest liner in the cruise industry, P & Cruises will expand its own passenger traffic by 24 percent. Since the capacity of the vessel will be more than 4,000 people. With a displacement of 141 thousand tons, the cruise ship will become the largest ship in the P & O Cruises fleet. And the cost of 500 million pounds sterling will make it the most expensive ship in the history of Great Britain. The home port will traditionally be Southampton.

Characteristics of the new cruise ship Britannia

  • displacement — 141,000 tons, which is 84,000 tons less than the largest liner in the world
  • length — 330 m, which is equivalent to four and a half Airbus A380 liners
  • the power plant will produce 62.4 MW, which is equivalent to 84 Bugatti Veyrons engines
  • number of decks — 17
  • four swimming pools on board will accommodate 61,600 liters of water, and this is the estimated volume of four Olympic pools
  • passenger capacity — 4,180 people with accommodation in 2,090 cabins, crew and attendants 1,350 people
  • On board there will always be a collection of works of art, estimated at £ 1 million
  • there will be 13 restaurants, bars and cafes on board

The appearance of the future cruise liner Britannia

Presumed shape of the Britannia linerPresumed shape of the Britannia liner

The bow of the Britannia linerThe bow of the Britannia liner

Every centimeter of the liner interior was carefully thought out. He even received the official modern classics name. The design is designed to make guests holiday special, and passenger numbers will have a unique originality. The new vessel will have a spacious SPA-center, bars and cafes along with large single cabins. A feature of the new vessel will be a large number of single cabins with balconies, which can not boast of any existing cruise liner. From new entertainment there will be a sky-diving and a surfing simulator. In a word, entertainment and constructive innovations will raise the bar of the cruise industry to a new level.

In addition to the interior, the new liner will boast a huge 94-meter national flag of Great Britain, which will flutter on the flag-rod of the passenger ship. Undoubtedly, it will become the largest sea flag in the world.

Construction of the Britannia cruise liner

The creation of the liner began on May 15, 2013 at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri in Monfalcone. Traditionally, the keel laying landmark is an important moment in the life of every ship and ship, because this ceremony is the starting point, when the concept begins to be embodied in reality. So for the company P & O Cruises this remarkable event was the beginning of the construction of a new cruise ship. The liner Britain will go to its debut sea cruise in the spring of 2015. The vessel will represent the best English brand with features of innovation, both in restaurants and in entertainment. Modern style will include advanced technology, which will make this «green» ship the best ever built for P & O Cruises. So, the liner will differ from other ships with the newest hull, which will reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent.

Building a cruise liner BritanniaBuilding a cruise liner Britannia

Building a cruise liner BritanniaBuilding a cruise liner Britannia

The cruise routes of the passenger ship are still under development, but it is already safe to say, that sea voyages will include visits to the ports of the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Canary Islands. In addition, there is an assumption for the organization of an Atlantic voyage to the waters of the Caribbean.

And in conclusion, I would like to note, that the world cruise market is not the first time to receive a liner named Britannia in its company. The first ship Britannia sailed in the distant 1835 under the flag of General Steam Navigation Company, later renamed the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company. In 1887 the world saw another passenger ship, ordered by the company to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria and the very P & O Cruises. This liner of the Golden Jubilee category with a displacement of about 4,000 tons took on board only 250 passengers in the cabins of the I class and 160 in the cabins of the II class. On this boat even the youngest Winston Churchill was seen, who went to Bombay with the Hussar Regiment in 1888 to later take part in hostilities on the north-western border.

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