Hapag Lloyd cruise ship fleet

Hapag Lloyd cruise ship fleet

Luxury is now standard on the best cruise lines, so Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has gone one better by tailoring its ships to specific destinations to add more excitement to their high seas voyages.

History of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

There hasn’t been a major change in the way we take holidays since cheaper flights led to the first boom in package holidays — and how exotic two weeks in Spain sounded back then. So it’s difficult to imagine the impact of the original pioneers who had the vision to think up new types of holiday. One such person was Albert Ballin, director of Hamburg America shipping line (now Hapag-Lloyd). Ballin had the idea that traveling by ship could become the main focus of a holiday, rather than simply a means of getting to or from holiday. Like all great pioneers, Ballin faced ridicule. When he launched the first cruise in 1891 — taking the fast steamer Augusta Victoria around the Mediterranean — many of his rivals laughed at him. But the cruise was a huge success and before long Ballin was not only using all the ships he had to meet demand for his cruise holidays, he was able to order a new ship — the first purpose-built cruise liner ever commissioned. Hapag-Lloyd is proud of its heritage.

Cruise ship Europe

Europa, Hapag-Lloyd Cruise's flagship, sets new standards for luxury cruising. It is the only cruise ship in the world to have been awarded the distinction of a 5-stars-plus rating seven times in a row by the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships. Put simply, this is the world’s most luxurious cruise ship. More space on board means extra privacy for every customer and, with a maximum of 408 passengers, the all-suite accommodation offers separate living and sleeping quarters, walk-in wardrobes — and most come with a private veranda.

MS EuropaMS Europa

On all its cruise ships, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises takes cuisine as seriously as its passengers. The sea ship Europe regularly hosts guest chefs from the world’s best restaurants. But whoever is in the galley, dining in the Europa restaurant — with its wide panoramic windows — is always a treat. For meals, the specialty restaurants Oriental and Venetia serve Euro-Asiatic and Italian food. Afterwards, the Europe Lounge concert and ballroom is the venue to head for to see international shows featuring big-name stars. Those looking for a quieter time can enjoy the various bars and lounges, a library with internet access and an auditorium for lectures and seminars. You are guaranteed relaxation in an exquisitely peaceful setting if that’s your preference. The fabulous Ocean Spa offers a range of beauty treatments and rejuvenating remedies, or swim in the fabulous seawater pool with its own sliding roof. The recently remodeled Spa Suites adjoining the Spa come with illuminated whirlpool with ocean view and scented lamps filled with essential oils. It makes for the perfect, private spa break. Golf fanatics, meanwhile, can improve their swing onboard thanks to the golf simulator and a PGA professional. As well as living a luxury lifestyle on the high seas, the latest season itineraries also offer fascinating routes including the Amazon, Central America, the South Seas, Micronesia, the Indian Ocean and Saudi Arabia, enabling passengers to combine the most luxurious world cruise ship with some unforgettable stops.

MS EuropaMS Europa

Cruise ships Bremen and Hanseatic

For the explorers among you, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises expedition the cruise ships, Hanseatic and Bremen, visit new territories and hidden places. Despite the rough terrain they explore, the accommodation is exceptional. Hanseatic is the only five-star cruise ship in the world, while Bremen has a four-star rating. Both are furnished with the maximum ice class for passenger ships and are perfect for trips to the Polar Regions. Fitted with the newest environmental technology, both ships offer luxury voyages to some of the most exciting waters on earth, including untouched wilderness destinations from the Arctic and Antarctic to the Gambia River, the Amazon, Micronesia and the Northwest Passage.

MS Bremen in AntarcticaMS Bremen in Antarctica

MS BremenMS Bremen

On all voyages, well-traveled expert lecturers provide insights to the wonders on display, bringing you closer to the unknown and pointing out interesting sights onboard and on land. Whether it’s the great displays of nature or insights into ancient civilizations, there’s something for everyone. Thanks to their very low draughts, the cruise ships Hanseatic and Bremen are agile and able to reach very flat beaches and steer safely through intricate rivers. With Zodiacs — special rubber dinghies developed for such expeditions — you visit the most out-of-the-way places. All 184 passengers on board sea ship Hanseatic enjoy luxuriously appointed, 22 sq m outside cabins, while the 164 guests on board sea ship Bremen also enjoy superb facilities. Experts enrich every expedition, and further information is available in the onboard libraries. The restaurants offer panoramic views and are ideal for indulging in sumptuous fare; while an open-air pool and gym — complete with sauna — help you relax.

MS HanseaticMS Hanseatic

Cruise ship Columbus

A cruise on the premium class sea ship Columbus is a journey for all the senses; each stop introduces you to new cultures, sights and experiences. And life aboard the cruise ship is just as varied. Whether you want to lie by the pool, look forward to another cookery demonstration, or be more active and use the onboard personal fitness programmer, boredom will be a foreign word. At night you can chill out with music and excellent entertainment while qualified experts prepare the next day’s sightseeing so that ever harbor is a new and exciting experience. Naturally, the onboard guides come along to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the detailed tours. Whichever destinations you visit on your journey around the world-cruising the Great Lakes of the US or sailing the European coasts — Columbus gives its passengers unforgettable experiences, every day.

MS ColumbusMS Columbus

Today, as this premier cruise company celebrates 160 years in business, it continues to strive for new and innovative ways to keep its cruises as exciting for its customers as that first cruise was for those early passengers. But rather than looking to the past, the company is embracing the future by combining the best in traditional cruising with the latest technological developments.

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