New cruise company Virgin Voyages

New cruise company Virgin Voyages

Crisis is a crisis, and billionaires have their own plans. Already very soon lovers of sea voyages will be able to go on a luxury cruise on the newest and quite unusual passenger ship.

The founder of the Virgin Group corporation, billionaire Richard Branson, at a press conference at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, Florida on June 23, 2015, said that in 2020, the newest modern airliner will leave the port of Miami for the first cruise to be built at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri.

In the future, in 2021 and 2022, two more modern liners with a displacement of 110,000 tons each under the Virgin Cruises brand will be launched. Each liner will have 1,430 guest cabins to accommodate 2,800 passengers. Crew and attendants of each passenger vessel will be about 1150 people.The new vessels will be built according to modern technology, called the X-bow, and will receive an original super-streamlined design with fully enclosed decks in the bow and a large captain's bridge that will resemble a visor on a costume of medieval armor.

Cruise ship projectCruise ship project

To do this, investors need to allocate a fairly tidy sum,about $ 2 billion, however, according to the outrageous founder of the corporation — those who want to invest in a new project are enough.

Cruise company Virgin Cruises founded in December 2014, counts on a wide range of lovers of sea voyages. It will be both children and elderly people.Basically, the liners will carry out seven-day cruises in the Caribbean.

The headquarters of the subsidiary will be located in Miami, Florida. The highlight of the brand will be harmony and colorfulness in everything.

In addition to the above project, Virgin Group also owns other well-known brands, including the airline,a network of hotels and labels. Also, the owner is going to invest in the space industry, creating the company Virgin Galactic.

On October 18, 2016, at an event in Miami, Sir Richard Branson announced that his newly formed cruise company would be renamed Virgin Voyages.

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