The newest propeller of high performance

The newest propeller of high performance

The world-famous Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corporation in November this year presented its unique development — the newest propeller, which allows to significantly increase the productivity.

The innovation of shipbuilders was called MAP Mark-W and will be a great help for shipowners who are going to put their commercial vessels on scheduled repairs.

According to the company's developer, the newest propeller MAP Mark-W will improve the efficiency by 5 percent compared to typical container or tanker propellers, which will help fuel savings of about $ 1 million annually.

The newest propeller Mark-WThe newest propeller Mark-W

The fact is that as soon as the revolutionary propeller was invented, the effect called cavitation was discovered almost immediately, which until today did not allow to significantly increase the productivity of the blades, but, on the contrary, it became an annoying phenomenon, with which shipbuilders all over the world had to reconcile. However, the progressive Japanese challenged the unpleasant action. In their opinion, a new device called Mark-W, will avoid cavitation, due to the changed shape of the tip of the blade, the propeller blades.

In addition, specialists of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said that such a propulsion device will increase the productivity of any vessel under any weather conditions, and even at low revs.

To reduce the material costs of shipowners, who decided to modernize their ships, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers the purchase of old propellers. To date, the patented newest MAP Mark-W screw is in operation on six ships — several bulk carriers and car carriers.

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