Luxury yachts with the latest fashion

Luxury yachts with the latest fashion

In Hong Kong, an international exhibition of yachts was held. At the event, 50 companies presented their creations (including Promax Marine Limited and Cantiere Nautico Cranchi) from twelve countries, namely Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia and Japan.

Some of the yachts designed specifically for the Chinese market are also not uncommon. Attention of experienced connoisseurs of yachts is represented by the Italian model «Cranchi SIXTY 4 HT», worth almost $ 2.5 million. This yacht is difficult to miss — its orange lining, symbolizing the golden carp, which in China is associated with luck.

And although the tax on the import of yachts in the Middle Kingdom is 43 percent of the cost, such «pupae» are still popular.

The exhibition presents more than 60 yachts with a total value of more than 13 million dollars. Earlier in China, there were no such luxury yachts for recreation,so for the local rich people it became a kind of new expensive toys.

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