Water transport of Ukraine received a provision on the working time of the crew

Water transport of Ukraine received a provision on the working time of the crew

The Ministry of Water Transport of Ukraine on April 5, 2012 approved the Regulations on Working Time and Rest Time for the Floating Staff (Crews) of the Ukrainian Sea and River Transport.

The situation is quite broadly covering all sorts of situations in the work of the courts. Separately allocated emergency, emergency and overtime work — work that requires the call of all or part of the crew to help the watchman.

Like the Codex of Labor Laws, for crew members, a five-day 40-hour working week with two days off — Saturday and Sunday is set.

The duration of the working day is 8 hours, on the eve of festive and non-working days — 7 hours. For those who work in harmful and difficult working conditions, a shorter working time may be set — no more than 36 hours a week. In sea or river vessels with round-the-clock operation during operation, crew members are usually set up a three-shift eight-hour watchdog schedule. On ships operated not round the clock, a two- or one-shift schedule of watches is set. In this case, the two-shift schedule is set with a wait time of up to 12 hours. The duration of daily rest of crew members should be from 12 to 16 hours, depending on the duration of watches (ship's work).

The working hours of crew members on ships between two periods of rest on the coast can not exceed 150 calendar days, as a rule. In the event of difficulties with the replacement of the entire crew or its individual members in foreign seaports, vessel delay in the flight, parking in the port where the change of the crew is associated with significant costs and time, the duration of work on the vessel may be increased to 180 calendar days .

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