Revival of the Ukrainian cruise fleet

The company Ukrferry plans to revive circular cruises along the Black Sea and in July 2009 opens the Crimean-Caucasian line, extremely popular in Soviet times.

The largest naval exercise Valiant Shield 2009

Exercise Valiant Shield was a large United States military war game held 19–24 June 2006 in the Pacific Ocean.

The real model of a pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee

This model of Kriegsmarine pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee. Scale 1:20 — impressive. The length of the ship is more than 9 meters.

Vehicles carrier Zenith Leader

Sea transport is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the world economy. Also we see how rapidly a large number of cars are produced by world brands Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes Bens, Mazda and others.

SV Royal Clipper - the biggest sailing ship in the world

The name «SV Royal Clipper» is the biggest sailing ship in the world, which crosses the ocean in any weather. It reminds about glorious days of brilliant clippers. The owner of the cruise ship «SV Royal Clipper» is Michael Kraft.

Semi-submersible transport vessels

It all started with non-self-propelled barges, but now incredibly large loads can be loaded on board and sent to any destination in the world under their own power.

Battleships Iowa class - all battleships battleships

Battleships of the «Iowa» class are considered the most advanced ships in the history of shipbuilding. It was during their creation that designers and engineers managed to achieve the maximum combination of all the key combat characteristics: armament, speed, and defense.

Noah's ark of our time is a livestock carrier Stella Deneb

«Stella Deneb» is the world's largest livestock carrier. In 2005, the ship was still called «Deneb Prima,» but in March 2006, the vessel obtained a new owner, the company «Siba Ships.»

Who will be the first in the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009

The round-the-world regatta Volvo Ocean Race is both a world sport competition and an incredible adventure. While solemn events take place on the beach, dramas are played out on the sea, requiring extraordinary endurance from the person.

Submarine aircraft carriers of Japan

The concept of an aircraft launched from a submarine is almost as old as naval aviation itself. On January 6, 1915, a modified seaplane called the «Friedrichshafen» was launched from the deck of the German submarine U-12. In the autumn of 1917, in Germany, the «Brandenburg,» which was adapted for storage directly on board a diesel-powered submarine, was tested.

Passenger liner Eurodam the pride of the company Holland America Line

The newest passenger liner Eurodam, owned by the world famous cruise company Holland America Line, a division of the Carnival corporation founded in 1873, went on its first sea cruise.

Knock Nevis is the largest vessel in the world

Oil has long become the most sensitive nerve of the global industry. Often, «black gold» is most profitably transported by water, rather than by land. The route taken by vessels of this type is called the «oil route.» As early as the 19th century, when coal was the primary raw material, crude oil was transported in wooden and zinc barrels in the holds of specialized sailing ships designed for oil transportation.

Container ship Emma Maersk - the largest cargo ship in the world

Today, ninety-five percent of all cargo is transported by sea. Container ships are relatively young types of vessels. With an average age of 10 years, «Emma Maersk» is considered the youngest among other container ships of its kind.

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