A new record on the wave

A new record on the wave

One of the most famous surfers Garrett McNamara set a new world record, sailing through a 30-meter wave.

The athlete has established a new achievement off the coast of Portugal in Nazaré. Due to the specifics of the ocean floor, huge waves form in this region, on one of which the 45-year-old sportsman rolled.

Waited for the perfect wave of Garrett McNamara and his comrades in just a few days. The previous record on the wave also belongs to the Hawaiian and he installed it there, off the coast of Portugal. In November 2011, the surfer conquered the wave, whose height was about 24 m. Then the experts of the Guinness Book of Records took half a year to confirm the absolute world record of McNamara.

Garrett McNamara was born on August 10, 1967 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and moved to North Shore, Hawaii in 1978. At eleven, he followed the example of Liam's older brother to surf. He joined the prestigious Hawaiian Triple Crown of Surfing at the age of seventeen and found the main sponsors of the largest Japanese brands.

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