New car ferries for Sevastopol

8 years ago
New car ferries for Sevastopol

On Wednesday, April 18, the first ferry from Norway arrived from Sevastopol, from two acquired for work on the ferry line between the Artillery Bay and the North Side. The second car-passenger ferry is still on the road.

The car-passenger ferry Ytter√ły, bearing the name of a small Norwegian island, is currently in the reed bay of Sevastopol for customs procedures and obtaining a license for passenger transportation. Arrival of another ferry Gullesfjord named in honor of the fjord in the north of Norway is planned in April.Ten days ago a cargo ship passed the English Channel.

Both ferryboats were built in 1985, and each of them can accommodate about 30 cars and about 150 people.

The management of the administration is interested in processing the documents in the shortest time so that the car ferries are already on the line in mid-May. In addition, due to the constructive features of the Norwegian ferries connected with the opening of the ramp, the berths are being reconstructed. The authorities of the city promise that the fare on ferries will remain unchanged.

The ferry service between the Artillery Bay and the Northern side of Sevastopol was discontinued in December 2011 due to the deterioration of the 50-year car ferries.

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