Starship Enterprise has arrived at its destination

Starship Enterprise has arrived at its destination

Space shuttle Enterprise on a barge along the Hudson River past the Empire State Building has finally reached the new «housing» — the Museum of Military Aviation and Cosmonautics of the United States, which was created on the basis of the aircraft carrier Intrepid. The military ship participated in the Second World War.

To look at the space shuttle, hundreds of people gathered in New York along the coast. The ship Enterprise arrived in the Big Apple from Washington at the end of April. For the journey, the shuttle was installed on the fuselage of a specially modernized Boeing 747 aircraft. Then the shuttle made its farewell flight over the city.

Unfortunately, Enterprise has never been in space. The first ship of the series participated only in tests. Install on it engines were considered inexpedient.

Recently, the shuttle was in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. But there after the shuttle program was completed, the shuttle Discovery was brought. Therefore, Enterprise decided to transfer to the Museum of New York.

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