The cargo and passenger transportation between the ports of Odessa and Istanbul was resumed

The cargo and passenger transportation between the ports of Odessa and Istanbul was resumed

Between the Black Sea seaports of Odessa and Istanbul, freight-and-passenger transportation has been resumed. Several years ago this shipping line was serviced by the ferryboats of the UKRFERRY company, but now this function on the Black Sea will be performed by the ship Princessa Elena, which carries out sea voyages under the flag of Sierra Leone.

Today, July 13, a passenger ship moored at 18:00 from the wall of the berth of the Odessa Maritime Station and set off on its first flight along this route.

The passenger ship Princessa Elena arrived in the Odessa seaport from Istanbul on 30 June and was at the pier while the scheduled timetable was being drawn up. According to this, the day of sending to the Turkish port is determined Monday, and the return to Odessa is Sunday. Ship owners expect to transport up to 160 passengers and up to 500 tons of general cargo.

The agreement on the installation of a cargo and passenger vessel on the line became possible due to the work of the administration of the sea terminal. Earlier, the ship Princessa Elena walked between the Turkish and Moldovan ports.

Technical data of the passenger and cargo ship Princessa Elena:

  • The motor ship was built in 1991 at the shipyard Damen Yichang Shipyard in China
  • Deadweight — 825 tonnes
  • Displacement — 2,964 tonnes
  • Length — 80 m
  • Width — 13 m
  • Draft — 3.6 m.
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