New passenger flights opened near the Southern coast of Crimea

New passenger flights opened near the Southern coast of Crimea

Yalta sea commercial port has organized from August 20, 2010 for the period of the holiday season regular passenger transportation by motor ships along the routes of suburban traffic along the Southern coast of Crimea.

Four passenger ships of project 1430 Koktebel, Konstantin Paustovsky, Margate, and Lyuba Shevtsova now run between the settlements Yalta — Simeiz — Alupka — Gurzuf — «Swallow's Nest» and in the opposite direction. According to the port, each of the ships performs 3-4 flights a day.

In addition, Yalta port informs that during the holiday season the number of passenger ships that will carry passengers from Yalta to other settlements of the South Coast is planned to increase to thirteen.

Technical data of the motor ship of project 1430 Koktebel:

  • Displacement — 134 tons
  • The length is 38,1 m
  • Width — 7.2 m
  • Draft — 1.6 m
  • Speed — 17 km/h
  • Power plant — two diesel engines of the type 3D6S power 300 hp
  • Number of passengers — 192 people.
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