Romania and Turkey will soon launch a new ferry line

9 years ago
Romania and Turkey will soon launch a new ferry line

On 11 March, the Romanian seaport of Constanta and the Turkish port of Pendik signed a cooperation agreement in Bucharest, which provides for the launch of a new cargo and passenger ferry line between the two countries. This agreement will have a big advantage for both states — Turkish ports will become the main point of departure of Romanian goods in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

Earlier, the Romanian side had already signed a number of agreements on maritime transport between Spain, Kazakhstan and Slovenia. In addition, negotiations are underway to sign a protocol with the port of Rotterdam.

The opening of the ferry line between the ports of Constanta and Pendik is scheduled for the summer of 2011.

For the marine company P & Q, ranking seventh in the world and the fourth in the Black Sea region, this transport system will be an important element in the development of economic cooperation between Romania and Turkey.

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