Shahid Nazeri-class patrol vessel

Shahid Nazeri-class patrol vessel 0

Basic information

Country of build:
In service:
2016 – present (8 years)

Ship measurements

800 t
55 m
14.1 m


  • Diesel engine
  • 2 * Shafts
28 knots
5,400 nmi (10,000 km)

Combat assets

  • 1 * helicopter

Iran maintains two primary maritime forces. The more conventional Islamic Republic of Iran Navy operates most of Iran’s larger warships and submarines and is responsible for longer range, extended-duration missions. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN), on the other hand, has long focused on smaller platforms linked to asymmetric tactics in the Persian Gulf waterway and littoral zones.

Shahid Nazeri-class patrol ship a twin-hull vessel operated by the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. The patrol vessel is named after Mohammad Nazeri, the first commander of the IRGCN marines. It has been referred to as support ship HARTH 55 by the American military intelligence agencies.

The vessel is 55 meters long with a claimed long-range support capability of 5,400 nautical miles (10,000 kilometers). With a super-slender aluminum hull, she is capable of carrying some 100 troops and has also a helipad for one aircraft. Shahid Nazeri's speed is reportedly 28 knots.

In April 2017, satellite imagery suggested that Shahid Nazeri was relocated to an operational naval base at the headquarters of 1st Naval Region in Bandar Abbas. The vessel did not participate in the Exercise Velayat 95 and only made «brief stints into nearby waters». Shahid Nazeri was among Iranian vessels that participated in Marine Security Belt joint wargame with the Chinese and Russian navies, whose units were led respectively by destroyer Xining (117) and frigate Yaroslav Mudry (777).


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