Antasena-class combat boat

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Basic information

Country of build:
In service:
2021 – present (1 year)

Ship measurements

43 t
18.75 m
7.5 m
0.9 m


  • 2 * MTU V12 2000M86 1700 hp engine
  • 2 * MJP550 waterjet
50 knots
600 nmi (1,110 km) at 9 knots (17 km/h)


Embarked units:

Combat assets

Cargo capacity:
  • 5 tons of cargo
  • 1 * Forward landing ramp
Boats & landing craft:
  • 1 * RHIB (optional)
  • 1 * Jet Ski (optional)
  • NATO Stanag 4569 Ballistic armor/armor plating covering the whole outside part of bridge/control room
  • Integrated Bridge System
  • VHF Radio
  • SSB Radio
  • Datalink Option
Cockerill 3000 series turret
  • 1 * high-pressure low recoil-force 105 mm gun
  • 1 * 30 mm cannon
Cockerill Falarick 105 Gun Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM)
  • Lemur RWS mounting 12.7 mm HMG to 30 mm autocannon on top of the turret
  • 2 * 12.7 mm heavy machine gun
  • 1 * North Sea Drones 6Y six-rotor VTOL drone (optional)

Antasena-class combat boat is a combat boat built by North Sea Boats and designed by LOMOcean Design for the Indonesian armed forces. The manufacturer designated it as Combat Boat X-18 / CB X-18. Initially, this class of ships was developed from a tank boat program from a consortium consisting of PT Lundin (North Sea Boats), PT Pindad, PT LEN, and PT Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering, with John Cockerill as the turret supplier.

Lundin first announced the tank boat concept in 2014. This concept was launched after the company succeeded in building a stealth warship called KRI Klewang. This tank boat made in Banyuwangi is claimed to be one of the first tank boat in the world.

The first prototype had begun sea trials on April 28, 2021. Then on May 22, 2021, the X18 Antasena tank boat ordered by the Ministry of Defense underwent a sea trial from the dock in Banyuwangi to the waters of Paiton, Probolinggo. After arriving at the Indonesian Navy's firing range in Paiton, the tank boat underwent a firing test using its main weapon, the 30 mm cannon. The X18 tank boat then returned to Banyuwangi. The total distance covered by the X18 Antasena in this trial was 170 nautical miles (310 km). This trial was also witnessed by the Director General of Pothan of the Ministry of Defense, Maj. Gen. Dadang Hendra Yudha, Dirtekindhan of the Directorate General of Pothan, Laksma TNI Sri Yanto, and company directors who are members of the X18 boat development project consortium. It is not certain when this boat will be handed over to the Indonesian Army. However, the handover is likely to take place in September 2021.

Apart from Indonesia, X18 has garnered some interest from India, Greece, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.


The Antasena-class combat boat is offered in 3 variants:

  • Tank boat caliber 105 mm (manufacturer designation: X18 tank boat), the original «tank boat» program, mounting 105 mm cannon. Carried 20 troops with 6 crew. Mockup only.
  • APC 30 (manufacturer designation: X18 ATC), mounting 30 mm autocannon and could carry 60 troops with 5 crew. Currently under sea trial.
  • Missile version, carrying anti-ship missiles. Not yet developed.
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