Karel Doorman-class support ship

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Basic information

Country of build:
In service:
2015 – present (7 years)

Ship measurements

27,800 t
204.7 m
30.4 m
7.8 m


  • Diesel-electric
  • 4 * Rolls-Royce Bergen V12A Diesel generators 5.5 MW
  • 1 * Rolls-Royce Bergen L6A Diesel generator 2.8 MW
  • 2 * Converteam/GE electric motors 8.9 MW
  • 2 * Rolls-Royce CPP propellers
  • 2 * Wärtsilä Bow thruster, 1.25 MW
  • 1 * Wärtsilä Stern thruster, 0.75 MW
18 knots
9,800 nmi (18,100 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h)



Combat assets

  • Thales Nederland Integrated Mast
  • Thales SeaMaster 400 SMILE Air Warning radar
  • Thales SeaWatcher 100 SeaStar Surface detection radar
  • Thales Gatekeeper electro-optical surveillance system
  • Thales SCOUT Mk 3 low probability of intercept shipborne surveillance radar
  • Guns:
  • 2 * Goalkeeper CIWS
  • 2 * 30mm Marlin WS rapid fire gun
  • 4 * 12.7mm Hitrole NT machine gun
  • 6–8 * 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun
  • Up to 6 * NH90 or AS-532 Cougar with blades folded or 2 * CH-47 Chinook with blades spread
  • Two-spot helideck and hangar for up to 6 medium helicopters

A joint support ship (JSS) is a multi-role naval ship capable of launching and supporting «joint» amphibious operations. It also provides sea-lift, underway support, sea-basing and logistics capabilities for combined army and naval missions.

JSS's have several common features to support the many roles it can assume for both navies and armies. Below are some examples of these common features:

Sealift deck space is required for transport of heavy equipment and passenger space for military personnel.

Fuel storage tanks and dry storage for ammunition, food, and other supplies for replenishing other ships while underway.

sea basing command rooms for mission coordination, a helicopter deck and/or LCU's for transport to shore and other support facilities like hospital rooms.

Furthermore, to fulfill its missions a flexible modular design allows for configuration of temporary areas for different purposes as missions require. As such it is basically a combination of an amphibious warfare ship and auxiliary ships like replenishment oiler, transport ship, and hospital ship in one.

Since 2015 the Royal Netherlands Navy has HNLMS Karel Doorman as their only Joint Support Ship. In 2016 the Dutch and German Ministers of Defence agreed that HNLMS Karel Doorman would be shared by both the Royal Netherlands Navy and the German Navy.


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