Meet the OSCAR - new dummy for rescuers

Meet the OSCAR - new dummy for rescuers

The salvation of a man who fell into the water is not an easy task, especially if the victim is unconscious. Therefore, regular trainings as close as possible to reality are important in the preparation of potential rescuers.

Emerald Marine Products has launched the production of training dummies called OSCAR, which have a large adult man, for training US Coast Guard and municipal organizations.

The name of the dummy was chosen not by chance. OSCAR — international signal «man overboard». According to safety instructors, the dummy is a very important element in gaining experience during the training course. That's why to represent the real conditions of salvation, this simulator was developed, which is very different from the models from straw or expanded polystyrene. OSCAR allows you to calmly assess the situation before the very operation of the rescue.

OSCAR appearanceOSCAR appearance

The OSCAR rescue dummy consists of a set of durable vinyl elements that are filled with water before use. Having absorbed water, the material «receives» the metric data of an adult person, imitating a lifeless body weighing about 80 kg and growing about 1.7 m. After use, the water merges and the mass of the object is only 15 kg. It can be disassembled for ease of transportation. The training dummy is easily mounted and disassembled using standard spanners.

The manufacturer delivers the product in two colors: Forest Green, and for high visibility — Orange. The cost of one set is about 750 US dollars. Emerald Marine Products

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