Guided missile destroyer ROKS ... (DDG-...) (KDX-4 design)

Guided missile destroyer ROKS ... (DDG-...) (KDX-4 design) 0Guided missile destroyer ROKS ... (DDG-...) (KDX-4 design) 1

Basic information

Country of build:

Ship measurements

8,000 t
155 m
18.8 m
9.5 m

Integrated combat systems aim to provide a comprehensive and unified approach to data fusion, command and control, and decision-making in naval operations. These systems typically integrate various sensors, such as radar and sonar, with weapon systems, electronic warfare (EW) capabilities, and communication systems. The goal is to create a cohesive and networked environment where information is shared seamlessly among different components, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Key features of such integrated systems may include:

Sensor Fusion: Integration of data from multiple sensors (radar, sonar, etc.) to create a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the battlespace.

Command and Control (C2): A centralized system for command and control that facilitates the coordination of different operations and response to various threats.

Electronic Warfare (EW): Integration of electronic warfare capabilities to detect and counter potential electronic threats from adversaries.

Weapon Systems Integration: Coordination and synchronization of various weapon systems, such as anti-air, anti-ship, and anti-ballistic missile systems.

Communication Systems: Efficient communication infrastructure to facilitate quick and secure information exchange within the naval vessel and with other elements of the fleet.

Mission Planning and Execution: Capability to support mission planning and execution by providing real-time information, threat assessments, and recommended courses of action.

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