Yulan-class landing helicopter assault (Type 076)

Yulan-class landing helicopter assault (Type 076) 0

Ship measurements

48,000 t
252.3 m
45 m


Propulsion system:
  • 2 * 21 MW gas turbine
  • 6 * 6 MW diesel
  • Total: 78 MW (105,000 shp)
  • Integrated power system

Combat assets

Boats & landing craft:
  • 2 * Type 726 Yuyi class LCAC
  • Helicopters
  • UCAV

The Yulan-class landing helicopter assault (Type 076) is a planned class of amphibious assault ship for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Compared to the similarly sized Type 075, the Type 076 is expected to have a CATOBAR system of electromagnetic catapult and arresting gears for operating light fixed-wing aircraft, likely unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV).

In mid-2020, official request for proposals (RFP) associated with the Type 076 were discovered on the Internet. Specifications from the RFPs were for a 21 MW gas turbine and diesel powerplants, a medium-voltage direct current integrated power system, and a well deck. The specified aviation equipment included a «UAV deck», a munition elevator, a 30-ton flight deck elevator, an electromagnetic CATOBAR system for light aircraft, most likely UCAVs.

H. I. Sutton of the Forbes believes the Type 076 will have a full-length flight deck. The ship will likely operate helicopters and UCAVs; the Hongdu GJ-11 and Flying Dragon-2 UCAVs may be candidates. A well deck may also be included.


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