P50U-class fast attack craft (design)

P50U-class fast attack craft (design) 0

Basic information

Country of build:

Ship measurements

600 t
65 m


40 knots

Combat assets

  • 2 * launcher for 8 cells anti-ship missiles (probably Neptun)
  • 1 * Leonardo Super Rapid 76 mm gun
  • 2 * 12.7 mm machine guns


  • 1 * ВАЕ Systems Bofors Mk110 57 mm gun or 1 * ВАЕ Systems Bofors Mk4 40 mm/70 gun
  • 2 * Module machine guns

The P50U-class fast attack crafts are a series of high-speed assault craft planned for construction for the Ukrainian Armed Forces Navy. On June 21, 2021, in Odessa, aboard the British destroyer HMS Defender, the «Memorandum on the Implementation of Maritime Partnership Projects between the United Kingdom Industry Consortium and the Ukrainian Navy» was signed.

The future missile boat model, based on the design of the Protector 50 small patrol ship, was presented by Babcock group specialists at the DSEI-2021 exhibition in London.

The missile boat will be equipped with eight container installations for anti-ship missiles, a vertical launch system for four short-range guided anti-aircraft missiles, a stern launch system with short-range guided missiles, a 76mm Leonardo Super Rapid artillery system, and two machine gun installations. Although an alternative option is possible with a 57mm artillery system from BAE Systems Bofors Mk110 or a 40mm BAE Systems Bofors Mk4, along with a smaller caliber combat module or two types of light anti-aircraft missile systems instead of the stern SAM launcher.

In total, eight modern missile boats will be constructed for the Ukrainian Navy. The series is estimated to cost around 1.25 billion pounds sterling. The first two boats will be built in the United Kingdom, while the remaining will be constructed in Ukraine.

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