Frigate Ly Thai To (HQ-012)

Frigate Ly Thai To (HQ-012) 0Frigate Ly Thai To (HQ-012) 1Frigate Ly Thai To (HQ-012) 2Frigate Ly Thai To (HQ-012) 3


USSR ship project:

Basic information

Emperor and founder of the Ly Dynasty
Country of build:
Laid down:
Commissioned (service):

Ship measurements

1,500 t
102.14 m
13.09 m
5.3 m


Propulsion system:
  • 2 * shaft CODOG
  • Two gas turbines (29,300 shp (21,800 kW) each)
  • 1 * Type 61D Diesel (8,000 bhp (6,000 kW))
  • 3 600 kW diesel alternator sets
28 knots
4,000 nmi (7,000 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h)



Combat assets

  • Radar: Navigation radar (unknown type)
  • Cross Dome surface & air search radar
  • Pop Group SA-N-4 fire control radar
  • Bass Stand cruise missile target designator
  • Bass Tilt AK-630 fire-control
  • Sonar: Medium-frequency hull mounted
  • medium-frequency towed variable depth sonar
  • Electronic Warfare: 2 Bell Shroud passive intercept
  • 2 Bell Squat jammers
  • 4 16-barreled Pk-16 countermeasure rocket launchers
  • 8 * SS-N-25 Switchblade Anti-Ship missiles (two quadruple launchers)
  • 1 * Palma (Kashtan export variant) gun/missile system
  • 1 * 76.2 mm 59-caliber AK–176 automatic dual-purpose gun (500-round magazine)
  • 2 * 6-barreled 30 mm AK-630 point-defense guns (2,000-round magazine for each)
  • 1 * Kamov Ka-27

Frigate Ly Thai To is a Gepard-class frigate (Gepard 3.9 type) in the Vietnam People's Navy. She was built by the Zelenodolsk shipyard in Russia under signed contract to the Vietnamese Navy.

The frigate is designed to perform searches, track and destroy floating target ships, air defense, anti-submarine (limited), escort, and patrol territorial waters and special areas with economic rights. Frigate Ly Thai To can enter combat independently or in squadrons, and is equipped with stealth technology, to present a minimum presence on enemy radar screens.

Vietnam and Russia signed a contract worth USD $350 million to build two Gepard-class frigates designed by the Institute ZPKB in Zelenodolsk.

According to the manufacturer, Ly Thai To's interior has been modified to increase crew comfort, improved compared to Dinh Tien Hoang – the previous Gepard 3.9 in Vietnam People's Navy. She has more convenient maintenance and operation, improved seaworthiness, higher maneuverability, and is better able to handle a range of situations.

The frigate, launched on 16 March 2011, was named after Ly Thai To, the Đại Việt emperor and founder of the Ly Dynasty, who reigned from 1009 AD to 1028 AD.

Frigate Ly Thai To visited Indonesia from 12–15 November, Brunei from 19–21 November and the Philippines from 24–26 November 2014.

The navy had already purchased two Gepard 3.9 frigates in 2011. Interfax reported that Vietnam signed contracts with Rosoboronexport to provide two more Gepard 5.3 frigates. According to Sergei Rudenko Gorky, Deputy Director of the Zelenodolsk shipyard, the first two Gepard frigates are equipped with the most modern missiles, and the second pair will be equipped with the most modern anti-submarine devices.

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