Guided missile destroyer ROKS Jeongjo the Great (DDG-995) (Batch 2)

Guided missile destroyer ROKS Jeongjo the Great (DDG-995) (Batch 2) 0

Basic information

Country of build:


30 knots
5,500 nmi (10,200 km; 6,300 mi)

Combat assets

  • AN/SPY-1D(V) multi-function radar
  • AN/SPG-62 fire control radar
  • DSQS-21BZ-M hull-mounted sonar
  • SQR-220K towed array sonar system
  • Sagem Infrared Search & Track (IRST) system
  • LIG Nex1 SLQ-200K Sonata electronic warfare suite
  • 1 * 5-inch (127 mm)/L62 caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 naval gun
  • 1 * 30 mm Goalkeeper CIWS
  • 1 * RAM Block 1 CIWS
  • 16 * SSM-700K Haeseong anti-ship missile
  • 2 * triple torpedo tubes for:
  • K745 Blue Shark torpedo
  • 80-cell Mk 41 VLS for SM-2 Block IIIB/IV
  • 48-cell K-VLS for:
  • K-ASROC Red Shark
  • Hyunmoo III land attack cruise missiles
  • 2 * Super Lynx or SH-60 Seahawk

The guided missile destroyer ROKS Jeongjo the Great — (Batch 2) the next-generation is the largest destroyer introduced in Korea, with a length of 170 m and a weight of 8,100 tons. Compared to the existing Sejong the Great (7600-ton), its anti-submarine operation capability has been expanded by three times, and ballistic missile intercepting capability has been added.

The Navy announced that the new KDX-3 Batch 2, which is being built in additional, is equipped with a vertical firing system capable of operating all Standard-class missiles, SM-6 and SM-3. The vertical launch system mentioned seems to mean the BMD system. To cope with North Korea 's increasing ballistic missile threat.

According to information, the hull will be extended by 10m and the displacement of water will increase by 400 tons. The application of hybrid propulsion such as CODLAG and limited integrated mast is planned. In order to reduce the maintenance cost in batch 2, the Navy intends to change the propulsion system to a more efficient new propulsion system such as CODLAG, which is also used in COGAG in Daegu, and to reduce the number of crew members to 200 by automation.

A «groundbreaking» ceremony for the next-generation Aegis destroyer ROKS Jeongjo the Great (Batch 2) was held at the headquarters of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan on 05 October 2021, with key officials from the Navy and Defense Acquisition Program Administration in attendance. Gonggong is the stage in which the first block of a ship manufactured and assembled in the form of a block is mounted on a ship for construction.

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