Toloka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle

Toloka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle 0Toloka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle 1

Basic information

Country of build:

Ship measurements

2.5 m


  • electric thruster

Combat assets

  • cameras and communications

Ukraine is rapidly gaining a reputation for its innovative and inventive spirit. Faced with Russian aggression, numerous developers and small enterprises are responding to the call for Ukraine's national defense. New designs are emerging systematically.

The Ukrainian government seeks to harness this creative potential and unite it effectively and well-coordinated. Recently, the institution Brave1 was created to manage this initiative.

One of the innovations presented during the official launch of Brave1 is the compact robotic underwater drone called Toloka.

The unmanned vehicle Toloka TLK-150 is noticeably smaller than its predecessors in the Ukrainian Navy. Although it may have a smaller range and lower speed, it compensates for this with enhanced stealthiness and survivability.

TLK-150 stands out as the first underwater drone presented to the public. Its design is unconventional, emphasizing its domestic origin. With larger stabilizers than other maritime drones and significantly wider propellers, it distinguishes itself as a unique creation rather than a mere copy of previous models. This small weapon complements the already-known unmanned surface vessels that pose a threat to the Russian Navy.

TLK-150 is a relatively small drone, measuring only 2.5 meters. Unusually, it incorporates twin thrusters on small wing-like stabilizers and a significant keel. Particularly with a separate rudder and dive planes located at the front, this design promises excellent maneuverability.

There is a high mast block with cameras and communication devices. Perhaps, the keel is intended to balance this mast block. Besides, it can be used as a periscope for reconnaissance missions near the enemy shore. Additionally, it might enable navigation and targeting for conducting attacks.

Brave1 also presented designs for two more underwater drones: TLK-400, up to 6 meters in length, indicating a larger operational range; and TLK-1000, 12 meters in length with four thrusters.

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