Marichka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle

Marichka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle 0Marichka-class kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle 1

Basic information

Country of build:
In service:
2023 – present (1 year)

Ship measurements

2 t
6 m
1 m


  • 2 * Pump-jet
600 nmi

Combat assets

Cargo capacity:
  • 850 kg * load capacity
  • mesh radio with air-based repeater or SatCom

The next generation of Ukrainian maritime drones is the Marichka-class unmanned underwater vehicle. This versatile strike unmanned underwater vehicle, manufactured in Ukraine, is capable of engaging a wide range of targets and can also be used for transporting cargo or conducting reconnaissance.

On August 24, 2023, the successful testing of the new unmanned underwater vehicle was announced. On August 29, the test footage of the vehicle was released. The unmanned underwater vehicle «Marichka» is capable of targeting ships of any kind, boats, submarines, as well as coastal fortifications and bridge supports. If necessary, the underwater drone can transport military or civilian cargo instead of explosives and perform reconnaissance functions.

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