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Основна інформація

Батьківський клас:
Країна будівництва:
На службі:
2003 – даний час (21 рік)

Головні розміри

4 725 т
151 м
17.4 м
5.3 м


Комбінована установка:
Силова установка:

2 * Ishikawajima Harima LM-2500 gas turbines

2 * Kawasaki Rolls Royce Spey SM1C gas turbines

Total 60,000 shp (45 MW)

2 * shafts

30 вуз



Бойові сили та засоби

  • OPS-25B radar
  • OPS-28D surface-search radar
  • OPS-20 navigational radar
  • OQS-5 sonar
  • UQR-2 towed sonar
  • Type 81 fire-control system
  • NOLQ-3 ECM system
  • 4 * Mk137 chaff dispensers
  • 1 * Otobreda 127 mm/54 gun
  • 2 * missile canister up to 8 Type 90 (SSM-1B)
  • 2 * 20 mm Phalanx CIWS
  • 2 * Type 68 triple torpedo tubes
  • VLS Mk 41 (32 cells)
  • Evolved Sea Sparrow SAM
  • RUM-139 VL ASROC
  • 1 * SH-60J(K) anti-submarine helicopter

The Takanami-class destroyer is a class of destroyer serving with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). This warship is the slightly modified class of second-generation, general-purpose destroyers of the JMSDF.


Since FY1991, the JMSDF started construction of the second-generation, general-purpose destroyers, Murasame class. These destroyers are generally satisfactory for the fleet, but there is some discontent. From FY1998 onwards, a slightly modified version that corrected these dissatisfaction points was to be built: Takanami class.


The hull design is generally based on the one of the Murasame class. However, the weapons mounted are different, and as a result, the internal structure has also been changed. The large lattice mast affected the stealthiness of the Murasame class, so in Takanami class, it was planned to change to two small masts, but that was not implemented.

Although their displacement become slightly increased, there was no change to their main engines, as it was not a big difference that had little effect on the performance of the ship.


The combat system was slightly improved. The combat direction system is similar to the Murasame class in the first three ships, but in the fourth ship, workstations were changed to AN/UYQ-70, and in the fifth ship, it corresponded to the communication in Link 16. Radars are the same as those of Murasame class, sonars are also small revision type.

In terms of weaponry, instead of the 3-inch gun that has been adopted by conventional destroyers, a larger Oto Melara 127 mm gun was introduced. Although vertical launching systems were divided into two places in the Murasame class, 16-cell Mk 41 for VL-ASROC on the bow deck and 16-cell Mk 48 for Sea Sparrow (later replaced with Evolved Sea Sparrow) on the middle deck, they are compiled in one place, 32-cell Mk 41 on the bow deck in this class.


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