Ракетні есмінці класу «KDDX» (проєкт KDX-4)

Ракетні есмінці класу «KDDX» (проєкт KDX-4) 0

Основна інформація

Країна будівництва:
Компанія будівник:

Головні розміри

8 000 т
155 м
18.8 м
9.5 м

KDDX-class destroyer (KDX-IV) is a next generation stealth guided-missile destroyer under development by Hyundai Heavy Industries for ROK Navy, to be launched after 2025. Displacement of the class is set to be about 8,000 tons, length 155 meters, breadth 18.8 meters and draft 9.5 meters. Will feature KVLS to launch Hyunmoo-3C land-attack cruise missiles and SSM-700K anti-ship missiles. At 8000 tons displacement, it will be lighter than Sejong the Great-class destroyers, but with more advanced sensors and stealth characteristics and lower operating costs. The ships will have advanced missile defense. The size of this new destroyer would be between that of the currently operating 4,200-ton KDX-II and the Aegis Destroyer KDX-III, and would be assigned to a naval task force. The total cost of developing and producing the six vessels is expected to top $6.2 billion.


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