Танкери постачання класу Jacques Chevallier

Танкери постачання класу Jacques Chevallier 0

Основна інформація

Країна будівництва:

Головні розміри

31 100 т
194 м
27.6 м


Силова установка:
  • Total installed capacity 24 MW



Бойові сили та засоби

  • Polaris Combat Management System
  • Nexter Thales Rapidfire 40 mm naval gun

The future French Navy tankers, with a fuel capacity of 13,000 m3, have the mission to provide logistics support to the French and allied navies’ combat vessels. They will carry fuel for vessels, jet fuel for aircraft, weapons and ammunition, spare parts, as well as food. The ships will also be equipped with waste management solutions and repair workshops.

The BRF will be modern and highly effective double-hulled ships, which will comply with existing international regulations. They will replace the current single-hulled Durance-class tankers of the French Navy that entered active service in the 1970s and 80s. The four new BRF will provide long-term support for any blue-sea combat fleet (aircraft-carrier, LHDs, destroyers) in both liquid and solid stores: fuel, ammunition, spare parts and food.

Safran Electronics & Defense was selected to supply the PASEO XLR extra long-range naval optronic identification & fire control system while to all four vessels of the class.

The French BRF will be slightly larger than the Italian Vulcano (194 meters in length and 31,000 tons full load displacement compared to 193 meters and 27,200 tons). The reason for this difference is the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier: Its air wing is significantly larger compared to the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour. The requirements for aviation fuel are greater.


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