Dearsan Shipyard
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Період роботи:
1980 – даний час (44 роки)

DEARSAN, is a modern shipyard, which operates in İstanbul, Turkey. DEARSAN Shipyard has the ability to build 9 ships of various types at the same time with its 126 m long skid, 15.341 m2 closed ship building site, 15.870 m2 open area and 31.211m2 total area.

DEARSAN specializes in the design and construction of private military ships, with the integration of weapon systems, as well as in the construction of complex commercial ships such as tugboats, fuel/chemical tankers, fast passenger ferries. DEARSAN shipyard has proved its worldwide design, engineering, fabrication and installation capability with its facilities and experienced workforce.

Since DEARSAN Shipyard was established in 1980, it has undertaken the construction, fabrication, repair and modification of numerous ships. In addition, the construction of 16 «Tuzla» Class Patrol Boats needed by the Turkish Navy is being carried out by our shipyard in accordance with the delivery schedule determined. The design of the 57-meter «Tuzla» Class Patrol Boats was developed by the DEARSAN shipyard. In addition to being the first warship built by the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, design and manufacturing of '' Tuzla '' Class Patrol Boat was met by the Turkish Defense Industry.

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