Корвети класу «Володимир Великий»

Корвети класу «Володимир Великий» 0

Основна інформація

Країна будівництва:

Головні розміри

2 650 т
112 м
13.5 м


Силова установка:
  • main diesel engines and diesel generators (Caterpillar)
  • gas-turbine installation (Zorya-Mashproekt)
30 вуз
Дальність плавання:
4000 nmi (14 kn)



Бойові сили та засоби

  • long-range 3D radar
  • medium range 3D radar
  • battle actions ACS
  • Long range radar for RWC
  • Radar AF control system
  • Sarmat optoelectronic system
  • Undercutting GAS and GAS with long drawn antenna
  • RTO and EW system
  • 1 * 76/62 OTO Melara (SR)
  • 2 * 35mm Oerlikon Millennium
  • 2*3 324 мм torpedo MU90
  • 2*4 ASM EXOCET MM40 Block3
  • 16 * ASTER 15 SAAM
  • 1 * NH90 NFH or
  • 1 * Ka-27PL

The Volodymyr Velykyi class is a planned class of multipurpose corvettes ordered by Ukrainian Navy. First ship was named after Volodymyr the Great.

Before starting this project in 2002 the State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center has developed a multi-purpose corvette «Hajduk-21» for Leninska Kuznia as replacement and continuation of the Soviet Grisha-class corvette, but the Ministry of Defense declined the project. It was decided to double the displacement and make a ship be compatible with the NATO ships. For development of the new ship there were allotted some 805 million hryvnias.

The new ship was projected to be a little bigger than a corvette, but smaller than a frigate. The new project was developed in 2008 by State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center. From the beginning of program there was discussion of about 10 such ships.

Construction started as planned in 2011 with planned launching in 2012. Project suffered many delays and was stopped in 2014 due to Russian military intervention.

At the end of 2017 work it was announced about resuming of construction with adoption of new version of shipbuilding program which plans to commission first ship in 2022, second in 2024, third in 2026, fourth in 2028.

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